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Master-8-vp has the same features as Master-8-cp and is the best on the market! You can easily switch between 8 preprogrammed settings by using a single command, in order to switch between different experiments. You can set all the parameters by using the front panel keys or from your PC via the USB interface. You can also run the channels in the following modes: FREE-RUN, TRIG, TRAIN, DC and GATE.
Master-8-vp has the same parameters and ranges as those described on the Master-8 page.

Master-8-vp has the following additional features:

Voltage Programmable
Master-8-vp is the voltage programmable version of Master-8. You can set the voltage output of channels 4 and 5 using the front panel keys or via your PC. (For the other channels you can adjust the voltage output using the front panel knobs).

Increment and Decrement Steps
Master-8-vp has an additional powerful feature - channel 5 can deliver increment and decrement output voltage steps. You can set these steps in one of two ways:

1) Fixed steps - You can set V and the number of steps per cycle. The number of steps is unlimited, the only limit being the saturation of the voltage range.
2) Varied steps - You can set each individual step and the number of steps per cycle. You can mix depolarizing with hyperpolarizing steps. The number of steps is limited to 30 per cycle.

Fixed Steps

Varied Steps


Output Offset
You can adjust the voltage offset of channels 4 and 5 manually by simply turning their knobs.

Output '4+5'
Output "4+5" gives you the combined output of channels 4 and 5. Thus you can get pulses in a variety of patterns, like the pattern at the top of this page, or like the following examples:


Each pattern can include fixed or varied steps.

Voltage range of channels 4 and 5:
From -12.7 V to +12.7 V.
Interval time of channel 5: 500 msec. to 3,999 sec. (more than an hour).
The parameters of all the other channels are as described in the Master-8 page.

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neuro-physiological stimulator, Master-8 generator,
Research multi pulse stimulator, pulse timer.

Master-8 and Master-9 are the best stimulators on the market!

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